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Chopin: “I am healthy and jolly, I eat and drink well.”

Following Chopin’s confession, please take a seat.
What would you like to drink today? Acorn coffee as usual?
Or hot chocolate? Ours is the best in town.

Fryderyk Chopin
We know little about Chopin’s culinary likes. What we do know is that he loved coffee and hot chocolate; and, that following his visit to the city of Torun he fell in love with gingerbread. Undoubtedly, he liked various types of cheese. Among his favorite meals were stew and poularde stuffed with dates. An admirer of sweets, he enjoyed especially donuts, roasted chestnuts, and blackcurrant and raspberry jam. It was this kind of jam that George Sand, his famous female partner, made for him in her estate in the village of Nohant.
The menu we offer has been inspired by Chopin’s taste.

You can choose a set from our set menus or you can compose your own meal.
The specialties we recommend include acorn coffee and our signature dessert “Chopin’s Love,” the latter being made of Chopin’s favorite flavors. So, enjoy your time at Chopin Pont; there is no other place to taste the Chopin’s Love.


Join the Journey through Chopin Tastes

Feeling Happy: Spring Morning in Żelazowa Wola
Longing: V as in Valdemossa
Admiring: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be, also”
Remembering: Family Summer in the Village of Nohant
Feeling Special: In a Carriage with Delacroix the Painter
Having Fun: Cheerfulness in Szafarnia Estate
Contemplating: Chilly Evenings in Parisian Chaussée d’Antin
Trusting: On Dr. Molin’s Recommendation



Chopin in the Countryside

Granola with yogurt/ vegan yogurt
Wholemeal / wheat toasts with butter, cottage cheese and chives, plus seasonal veggies
Wholemeal / wheat toasts with butter and egg paste, plus seasonal veggies
Wholemeal / wheat toasts with butter and plum jam, plus seasonal fruit jam
Wholemeal / wheat toasts with butter and chocolate spread (vegan)



Frederic’s Excursions


Traditional Polish sandwich – with duck or pork loin and horseradish sauce
French sandwich – with marinated asparagus and blue cheese
Family farm sandwich – with goat cheese and nuts
Warsaw sandwich – with chicken and tartar sauce
Garden sandwich – with grilled veggies and marinated carrot (vegan)



Toasts for Everybody

Toast with cheese and veggies
Toast with cheese and pork loin
Vegan Toast – chickpeas paste with veggies and mayo



Soup of the day (vegetable soup)
Quiche / Toasts

Sets: soup and quiche
soup and toast
soup and salad




Chopin Warsaw Trails

Chopin Love Dessert: blackcurrant mush with chocolate and viola flower mousse

(Traditional in taste, while gluten-free and vegan. Composed of both Belgian chocolate, which Chopin loved so much, and fresh blackcurrant, out of which Chopin’s friend George Sand mad jam for him. Topped with some delicate blackcurrant mousse and viola flower sprinkles, carrying the very aroma of viola that Chopin appreciated so much – in his living room, there was always a hint of it.)




Honey wine, Poland’s signature drink


Chopin’s basement cellar was always stocked up with a variety of good wines, each type of wine corresponding to a particular type of mood or food. Following Chopin’s tastes, we suggest that you have your snack with some wine from our collection.


Tartalette with beetroot carpaccio
Goat cheese on a slice of pumpernickel bread with lettuce