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Warsaw – The City of two Old Towns

Most everyone favors the Old Town of Warsaw. Much less attention is paid to the adjacent New Town, which, prior to becoming incorporated back into the City of Warsaw had its own vibrant and brilliant history. It had its own governance, town square, a town hall, churches and astonishing palaces. There are many landmarks that tell the tale of the New Town and its relation with the Old Town until both had been reunited as part of the same City of Warsaw. Come with us on a “ride and walk” tour to see both the Old and the New Town and you won’t be disappointed.

With us you will find out:

which one of the two squares was bigger;
where was the new Town Hall;
who and where built the first permanent bridge over the Vistula river and hear many more interesting tidbits.
A piano concert, home-made cake and a glass of mead at the Chopin Point will give the tour the proper finishing touch.

The Royal Spring in the Traugutta Park
The Sierakowski Palace
The Polish Security Printing Works
The Sapieha Palace
Museum of Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Gnojna Góra
The Cobble Stone Steps
The Barbican and the statue of the Small Insurgent
The Castle Square
The Chopin Point

The tour is offered for max. 18 persons.

Price includes:
Premium coach transport
Wi-Fi on board
Entry tickets
English speaking guide
English speaking driver
Chopin Concert

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